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Interpolation Circuit GC-IP2000

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Interpolation rate up to 2048
Delay time 5µs for all resolutions
Input frequency max. 260 kHz Data rate of 500,000 values/s
highest measuring accuracy with highest dynamics
integrated patented control algorithm

The interpolation circuit GC-IP2000 serves to increase the resolution for incremental position and angular measuring systems with sinusoidal output signals offset by 90°. The IC divides the signal period up to 2048 times.

The GC-IP2000 comprises three instrument amplifiers with adjustable gain factors. Incremental encoders with a voltage interface and measuring bridges can be connected directly. Sensors with current interface and photodiode-arrays are adapted by a simple external circuit. The IC may operate with both single-ended and differential input signals. The noise of the sensor signals is prevented by a switching analog filter. Additionally, a digital hysteresis can suppress the edge noise of the output signals at low input frequencies and at standstill. Thus, in case of a short-time disturbance of the input signals, a subsequent interpolation counter will operate without errors.

The input signals are subjected to an AMAC-specific internal gain and offset control. The amplitude is controlled in the range between 60 % and 120 % of the nominal amplitude. The control range for the offset of the two input signals is ±10 % of the nominal amplitude. The phase displacement of the input signals can be corrected statically between -10° and +10° using a digital potentiometer. The quality of the signals issued by the sensors is monitored in the IC. For that purpose it is possible to activate separately 9 sources producing an error signal.

The propagation delay of the IC is only 5µs. A fast serial interface (SPI) is implemented. This interface operates at a clock frequency of up to 25MHz and is compatible to all important micro-controller and DSP families. In addition, a timer and a multi-stage trigger are implemented. This features make the GC-IP2000 an ideal choice for use in fast controllers or control systems.

The IC is configured specifically to the particular application via configuration pins, an EEPROM or via the serial interface of the GC-IP2000.


Technical Data

Analog part

Analog input                           
Sinusoidal / cosinusoidal / reference (index) signals; differential or single ended
Adjustable amplification for 1 Vpp / 500 mVpp / 250 mVpp / 75 mVpp
Input frequency max. 260 kHz for all resolutions




Digital part

Interpolation rate                   
2048 / 2000 / 1600 / 1024 / 1000 / 800 / 512 / 500 / 400 / 256 / 200 / 128 / 100
Output signals                              30-Bit counter value via serial interface (SPI)
Up to 500000 measurement values per second
90° square-wave sequences (A/B/Z)
Error signal
Interrupt signal to the µC
Auxiliary signals for sensor adjustment
Signal correction AMAC-specific digital controller for the offset, control range ±10 % of standard amplitude
AMAC-specific digital controller for the amplitude, control range factor 0.5 ... 1.5
Digital potentiometer with 40 steps for phase correction; selectable range ±5° or ±10°
LED control signal
Possibilities of configuration Either: via configuration pins, the serial interface (SPI) or EEPROM
Compatible to the standard SPI: 16-bit, MSB first
SPI clock up to 25 MHz
For configuration and measuring value output; not required for trivial systems


Suppression of disturbances Configurable analogue noise filter
Digital hysteresis for suppression of the edge noise at the output  
Adaptation of IC to subsequent devices
Adjustable minimum edge interval at the output
Behaviour of IC in case of sensor error can be programmed
Adjustable width zero signal Z of ¼ or 1 period A/B
Data logging
2-stage measured value trigger
Programmable timer
Constant delay between sampling and measurement value of 5 µs for all resolutions

 Important Characteristics

Operating voltage
5 VDC                 
I/O-voltage digital
3,3VDC or 5VDC                          
Temperature range -40 … +125 °C



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 Product type Description  Article number
GC-IP2000 Interpolation Circuit GC-IP2000, QFN56 PR-44000-50
USB to SPI Converter USB to SPI Interface Unit PR-44025-10