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Interpolation unit IPE40

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The interpolation unit (IPE40) is used to increase the resolution of incremental distance and angle measuring systems with sinusoidal output signals that are phase-shifted by 90 °. It is suitable for sensors with a standardized voltage or current interface. An adjustable minimum edge distance at the output as well as the programmable analog and digital hysteresis enable use even with impaired input signals.



Input signals Sine / cosine / reference signal
Differential / single-ended
Adjustable gain for 1Vpp / 660mVpp / 530mVpp / 80mVpp
Maximum 1.2MHz for interpolation rates ≤ 20
Maximum 750kHz for interpolation rate = 32
Maximum 600kHz for interpolation rate = 40
Interpolation rate            
40 / 32 / 20 / 16 / 8 / 4 Edges per sine period                                                                                            
Zero signal processing Adjustable width of the reference signal at the output
Interference suppression Adjustable hysteresis analog
Adjustable hysteresis digital
Adjustable minimum edge separation at the output
Output signals
ABZ-90°-square waves RS 422
Housing Continuous cast profile 55 mm x 80 mm x 20 mm mounting bracket



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Product type Description Article number
IPE40 Interpolation unit with GC-AIP40