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Interpolation unit IPE16000

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The programmable interpolation unit IPE16000 - USB is intended for connection to incremental position and angle measuring systems with sinusoidal input signals phase-shifted by 90 °. It can be used on a large number of encoder systems that work according to a wide variety of measuring principles,
operate. The IPE16000 - USB realizes a subdivision of the signal periods up to 16384-fold. The interpolation unit works with differential as well as single-ended input signals. The configuration can be done via the EEPROM or via USB.
The internal AIP module continuously corrects the input signals during runtime and enables the corrected signals to be multiplied up to a factor of 32. AMAC-specific gain and offset control and the option of phase correction of the internal GC - IP2000 are guaranteed high measurement accuracy under industrial conditions.
The unit can be connected to a standard meter or controller via the RS422 interface. The internal operating voltage is 5 VDC.
The functions of the interpolation circuit GC - IP2000, such as switchable analog filters or digital hysteresis, make the unit ideal for use in control systems.


Analog part
Analog input
Sine / cosine / reference (index) signal; differential or single-ended
Maximum input frequency 15 kHz for all resolutions
Automatically adjusted gain (0.1 Vpp - 4 Vpp)
Digital part  
Interpolation rate (1...8) x 2048 / 2000 / 1600 / 1024 / 1000 / 800 / 512 / 500 / 400 / 256 / 200 / 128 / 100
Output signals 30-bit counter value via USB, serial interface (SPI) optional
Frequency of the edge change (A / B / Z) maximum 24 MHz
90 ° rectangular sequences (A / B / Z)
Error signal
Auxiliary signals for the sensor adjustment
RS422 interface
Signal correction Freely definable support point correction (up to 1024 support points)
AMAC-specific digital controller for offset, control range ± 10% of the nominal amplitude
AMAC-specific digital controller for amplitude and offset
Digital potentiometer with 40 steps for phase correction;
Selectable setting range ± 5 ° or ± 10 °
LED control signal
Configuration options USB, EEPROM or optional serial interface (SPI)
Optional SPI interface Compatible with standard SPI: 16 bit, MSB first
SPI - clock up to 25 MHz
For configuration and output of measured values; is not required for minimal systems
5V interface
Interference suppression Switchable analog noise filter
Digital hysteresis to suppress the edge noise at the output
Adaptation of the IC to
successor electronics
Adjustable minimum edge separation at the output
The behavior of the IC in the event of sensor errors can be programmed
Adjustable width zero signal Z of ¼ or 1 period A / B
Important characteristics
Operating voltage 5VDC
Temperature range -20...80°C
Housing Continuous cast profile 55 mm x 80 mm x 20 mm mounting bracket




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IPE16000 Interpolation unit with GC-IP2000