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Interpolation Circuit GC-IP201(B)

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Interpolation rate 20 ... 256
Output signals: ABZ, SPI, SSI, BiSS (GC-IP201B)
Input frequency max. 440 kHz EEPROM, multiturn counter, reference mark adjustment
Adjustable input low pass filter 10kHz...450kHz Power supply 3,3V/5V (Configuration of 5 V-systems possible by Level Shifter GC-LS)
Constant delay time 5µs for all resolutions Temperature range -40 °C … +150 °C
Patented internal gain and offset control  

The interpolation circuits GC-IP201 and GC-IP201B are used to increase the resolution for incremental position and angle measuring systems with sinusoidal output signals. The signals from these incremental sensors are subjected to an internal gain and offset control patented by AMAC and then interpolated up to 256 times. The IC contains three instrumentation amplifiers to which sensors with voltage interfaces and measuring bridges can be connected directly. Sensors with a current interface or photodiode arrays are adapted using simple external wiring. An adjustable analog low-pass filter reduces the noise of the sensor signals. In addition, a digital hysteresis can suppress the edge noise of the output signals at low input frequencies and at standstill. In the IC, the signal quality of the sensors is monitored using nine criteria. The four implemented output interfaces ABZ, SPI, SSI, BiSS (only GC-IP201B) and other features such as multi-level trigger signal processing, integrated timer, integrated multiturn counter, the evaluation of distance-coded reference marks, which allow options for adjusting the reference point and for setting and saving the zero position the direct use of the IC on industrial controls or on very fast multi-channel position measuring systems. The IC is also prepared for use in absolute position measuring systems. 

Technical Data

Analog input
Sinusoidal / cosinusoidal / reference-(index)signal; differential or single-ended
Nominal amplitude 660 mVpp / 330 mVpp /160 mVpp / 50 mVpp (is equivalent to 1 Vpp…80 mVpp at 5 V)
max. input frequency 440 kHz for all resolutions
ABZ: 90° square-wave sequences (A/B/Z)
Adjustable width of zero signal Z to ¼ or 1 period A/B
Service signals for sensor adjustment
SPI: 30-bit counter value / 16-bit multiturn value / 9-bit sensor status
Up to 25 MHz, compatible with standard SPI 16 bit
Data rate up to 500,000 measured values / s
Activatable signal filters to suppress interference pulses
SSI und BiSS:                     
30-bit counter value / 16-bit multiturn value / 2-bit sensor status
Gray code / binary code
Adjustable timing, SSI ring operation
Interpolation/Signal processing
Interpolation rate 256 / 200 / 160 / 128 / 100 / 80 / 64 / 50 / 40 / 32 / 25 / 20
Signal adjustment
Patented digital controller for offset, control range ± 10%
Patented digital controller for amplitude, control range 60% ... 120%
Digital potentiometer with 15 steps for phase correction; Adjustment range ± 5 ° or ± 10 °
Interference suppression   Adjustable low pass 10 kHz, 75 kHz, 200 kHz, 450 kHz
Digital hysteresis to suppress the edge noise at the output (0… 7)
Adjustable minimum edge separation at the output
Reference signal processing Adjustable reference point position in 32 steps 0 °… 360 °
Determination of the optimal reference position via SPI or auxiliary signals
Processing of distance-coded reference marks
Measured value triggering at the reference point position
Miscellanious 2-stage measured value trigger; Programmable timer (3.2 µs ... 420 ms)
Zero signal and teach signal for setting and saving the zero point position of the multiturn counter sensor
Configuration via pins or integrated EEPROM
Important characteristics
QFN40 (6 mm x 6 mm
Operating voltage   
Power supply 3,3V/5V (Configuration of 5 V-systems possible by Level Shifter GC-LS)
Temperature range -40 °C … +150 °C















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  Ordering information  
Product type Description Article number
GC-IP201 Interpolation circuit GC-IP201, QFN40 PR-44201-00
GC-IP201B Interpolation circuit with BiSS-Interface, QFN40 PR-44202-00
GC-LS 4-channel analog level shifter 5V to 3,3V, QFN32 PR-44500-00
GC-IP201 Demoboard for interpolation-IC GC-IP201/GC-IP201B PR-44200-00
USB to SPI Converter USB to SPI Interface Unit PR-44025-10