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Interpolation circuit GC-IP200

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The interpolation circuit GC-IP200 is intended for connection to incremental position and angle measuring systems with sinusoidal output signals phase-shifted by 90 °. The extremely high resolution is achieved with an interpolation rate of up to 200 times. The counter value is provided via the serial interface. At the same time, the output data can be output as square-wave pulses for external process processing. The GC-IP200 can be operated on a large number of encoder systems that work according to the most varied of measuring principles. Various interfaces and flexible configuration types enable use in single-chip interpolation systems, in μC-based measuring devices as well as in multi-channel systems. A patented gain and offset control as well as the possibility of a phase correction guarantee a high measurement accuracy under industrial conditions. Thanks to the integrated two-stage measured value trigger and the additional parallel data output, the GCIP200 is suitable for use in real-time applications.


Analoginput 3 differential channels (sine, cosine, reference)
Voltage input 1Vpp (differential)
Single-ended input for 2.4Vpp
maximum input frequency 400kHz
AD-converter Internal converter max.1.25MS / s
Signalcorrection Patented gain and offset control
Static phase correction via external potentiometer
Interpolation rate      200 / 160 / 100 / 80 / 50 / 40 / 25 / 20      
Output signals 28 bit counter value
90° square wave sequences
Error signal
Configuration options Via configuration pins
Via serial interface (SPI)
Serial Interface (SPI) for Configuration and measuring value output
16-Bit synchronous/asynchronous mode
Not required for low-cost minimal applications
Parallel Output For measuring value output
16-Bit wide
Up to 40MBit/s bandwidth
Miscellaneous Filter for suppressing edge noise at low speed input signals
Programmable interval time for adapting the circuit to low speed digital components
Two-level edge-controlled measuring trigger
Programmable sensor error response
Package TQFP64 (10mm x 10mm x 1mm) or DIE





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GC-IP200 Interpolation circuit GC-IP200, TQFP64 PR-00026-50
USB to SPI Converter USB to SPI Interface Unit PR-44025-10