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USB to SPI-Converter



The „USB to SPI Converter“ unit is used as a stand alone USB interface and power supply for any SPI device such as microcontrollers, sensors or integrated circuits. It is also suitable for interfacing AMAC GmbH integrated circuits, demoboards and user boards. With the USB to SPI Converter software tools it is also possible to apply a stabilized 5.0 volt or 3.3 Volt power supply voltage to the interface and drive SPI device up to 400mA directly from USB port.


Technical data


- Connect SPI devices to USB port directly
- Selectable 3.3V or 5.0V SPI interface
- Target can be powered from USB directly
- Up to 400mA output current
- Selectable target power supply voltage 3.3V, 5V or switched off (high impedance)
- 3 LED's indicating SPI interface mode

General parameters
Operating voltage
USB Supply Voltage +2,5V ... +5,5V
Output voltage
3,3V / 5V / High Impedance (depends on configuration)
Maximum output current
400 mA 
Temperature range
- 20°C ... +55°C
Maximum cable length to the slave-device (SPI)
0,5 m 














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USB to SPI Converter USB to SPI Interface Unit  PR-44025-10