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Levelshifter GC-LS

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  • 5V level adjustment for encoders for distance and angle measurement and interpolators with 3.3V operating voltage
  • Integrated 3.3V linear regulator for external switching, linear regulator can be switched off
  • four channels
  • Differential or single-ended inputs
  • high input impedance
  • Differential outputs
  • 1.5 MHz cutoff frequency
  • Gain adjustable to 0 or -3.5dB
  • Channel 4 can be switched off
  • Available unhoused or in the QFN 32 (5x5x0.8 mm)

The four-channel level converter circuit (level shifter) GC-LS is used to adjust the level between 5V encoders for distance and angle measurement and interpolators with 3.3V operating voltage. Standardized encoders and measuring bridges work with an operating voltage of 5V and a mean level of the output signals of typically approx. 2.5V. To connect these encoders to systems with 3.3V, a conversion of the center level and amplitude is possible with the help of the GC-LS. The conversion is “single-ended ↔ differential” or “differential ↔ differential”. This results in a further field of application for the GC-LS as a converter IC from “single-ended” to differential signals. With four channels, the IC is suitable for incremental measuring systems with a reference track or a two-track vernier system. The IC has instrumentation amplifier inputs with high impedance, which means that the measurement signals are also transmitted unaltered to the outputs by high-resistance measuring bridges. In addition, a 5V to 3.3V regulator is implemented in the IC, so that a 5V system consisting of the level converter GC-LS and a 3.3V interpolator (e.g. GC-NIP, GC-IP201 (B)) can be implemented without additional circuit components can be.

The level converter GC-LS contains four level converters with differential inputs and differential outputs. Encoders with voltage interfaces and measuring bridges can be connected directly to the inputs. The middle level of the inputs is typically VDDA / 2, the middle level of the outputs can be set by the voltage at pin VCMOUT. The level converters are designed so that the input signals are processed both single-ended and differentially. The output signals are applied differentially with the selected amplitude. In addition, a 5V to 3.3V regulator for powering other components is implemented in the IC. To optimize power consumption, IC components that are not required can be switched to a power-down mode.

Technical data

Important characteristics

Package QFN32 (5 x 5 mm) 
Operating voltage 3,3 V
Temperature range
-40 … +125 °C



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 GC-LS 4 channel analog Level-Shifter 5V to 3,3V, QFN32 (5x5)  PR-44500-00
 GC-LS Die 4 channel analog Level-Shifter 5V to 3,3V, Die  PR-44500-01