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Interpolation unit IPE201

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The programmable interpolation unit IPE201 is intended for connection to incremental position and angle measuring systems with sinusoidal input signals that are phase-shifted by 90 °. It can be operated on a large number of encoder systems that work according to the most varied of measuring principles. The IPE201 divides the signal periods up to 256 times. The interpolation unit works with both single-ended and differential input signals. The configuration takes place either via USB, the SSI / BiSS interface or the internal EEPROM of the GC-IP201B. It is also possible to equip the unit with an SPI interface (3.3V or 5V system).

An AMAC-specific gain and offset control as well as the possibility of phase correction of the internal GC-IP201B ensure a high measurement accuracy under industrial conditions.

The unit can be connected to a standard meter or a control (delivery status) via the RS422 interface. Alternatively, it is possible to reconfigure the IPE201 via USB and connect it to an SSI / BiSS master. The operating voltage is 5 VDC.

The functions of the interpolation circuit GC-IP201B, such as switchable analog filters or digital hysteresis, make the unit ideal for use in control systems.



Analog input
Sine / cosine / reference signal; differential or single-ended *
Nominal amplitude 1 Vpp / 500 mVpp / 240 mVpp / 80 mVpp
Maximum input frequency 440 kHz for all resolutions (counter operating mode)
Optional: active current / voltage converter for the use of encoders with current interface
3.3V sensor input on request
ABZ 90 ° rectangular sequences (A / B / Z)
Adjustable width index signal Z of ¼ or 1 period A / B
Error signal
Auxiliary signals for sensor adjustment
RS422 interface
SPI only with external adaptation (negative inputs SINN, COSN, REFN on mid-voltage)
30-bit counter value / 16-bit multiturn value
Data rate up to 500,000 readings / second
9-bit signal monitoring
Compatible with standard SPI: 16-bit, MSB first, up to 25 MHz
Activatable signal filters to suppress interference pulses
SSI and BiSS Up to 30-bit counter values / 16-bit multiturn value
2-bit signal monitoring
Gray code / binary code
Adjustable timing
SSI ring operation
Other inputs Trigger signal for storage of measured values
Zero signal and teach signal for setting and saving the zero point position of the sensor
Configuration options Internal EEPROM
Serial interface SPI / SSI / BiSS)
Interpolation/Signal processing
Interpolation rate 256 / 200 / 160 / 128 / 100 / 80 / 64 / (50)* /  40 / 32 / (25)* / 20 *only in counter mode
Signal correction AMAC-specific digital controller for offset, control range 10% of the nominal amplitude
AMAC-specific digital controller for amplitude, control range factor 60%… 120% nominal amplitude
Digital potentiometer with 15 steps for phase correction, setting range ± 5 ° or ± 10 °
Monitoring and assessment of the quality of the input signals
The behavior of the IC in the event of sensor errors can be programmed
Interference suppression Adjustable low pass 10kHz, 75kHz, 200kHz, 450kHz
Digital hysteresis to suppress the edge noise at the output (0 ... 7)
Adjustable minimum edge separation (bandwidth limitation) at the output
Reference signal processing Adjustable reference point position in 32 steps 0 ... 360 °
Determination of the optimal reference position via SPI / BiSS or auxiliary signals
Processing of distance-coded reference marks
Measured value triggering at the reference point position
additional 2-stage measured value trigger
Programmable timer (3.2µs ... 420ms)
Delay time between sampling and measured value constant 2.3µs for all resolutions
Multiturn counter
Important characteristics
Operating power
I/O voltage digital 3,3 VDC or 5 VDC
Temperature range -40...85°C
Interface frequency SPI 25 MHz (15MhZ over on-board USB-SPI-converter), BiSS 10 Mhz, SSI 5 MHZ
Housing Continuous cast profile 55 mm x 80 mm x 20 mm mounting bracket





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